MetroPCS USA Generic – All GSM Models Except iPhone



MetroPCS USA Generic – All GSM Models Except iPhone

Delivery time: 1-3 days

In case of problem unlocking your phone after delivery:

1: contact support with orders details (ORDER ID, IMEI+CODE)
2: Record Video proof upload on youtube  with the following steps

a) Phone show imei
b) phone show unlock attempts
c) crystal clear view of  client entering code without touching any other keys

now upload the video on  youtube and send us the link with order details and we shall start to verify procedure

No verify available for Samsung phones

No refund available for hard locked phones with counter attempts finished.

only if agree with below terms place orders.

No cancellation policy:

Service is API based and has no manual intervention. in case of delays need to wait for the supplier to clear the orders, no cancel even if the order is overdue until supplier approve cancelation.

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